• -5- Equinox
  • -3- Sorachi Ace
  • -1- Amarillo
  • -6- HBC 291
  • -2- Citra
  • -4- Mosaic

The ultimate Duvel Tripel Hop

Ever since 2007, our brewers have been working creatively to give Duvel some extra punch and add a little more bitterness with a third, additional hop variety. Their efforts have surprised us, year after year, and even earned us a number of much-valued medals in both national and international beer contests.

Taste the six Duvel Tripel Hop blends in the temporary Duvel Tripel Hop six-pack and vote for your top three blends. We will add the ultimate Duvel Tripel Hop blend to our range as of 2017!

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The top 3

We know now which Duvel Tripel Hop our fans liked best. But we are still interested in your preference. Please feel free to send your top 3 to our brewmaster.

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The 6 blends

In 2007, Amarillo was still relatively unknown but since then this hop variety has become one of the best-known and most requested hops in the craft beer world. This Duvel Tripel Hop has a pronounced fruity flavor with notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon, melon, apricot and peach.

Wanne Madalijns (Tripel Hop 2010, Amarillo):
The aromatic Amarillo hop produces a delightful bitterness. This is wild, real rock ‘n roll in a glass.

Wanne Madalijns

Citra is our award-winning blend: the Duvel Tripel Hop of 2012 won a gold medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge and the consumer trophy at the Zythos Beer Festival. The Citra hops add crisp notes of grapefruit, lime, tropical fruit, melon and cassis to the typical Duvel range of flavors. A blend that proved to be very popular.

Hedwig Neven (Tripel Hop 2012, Citra):
Citra is an explosive hop with an in-your-face flavor of citrusy notes that blend well with Duvel.

Hedwig Neven

Meet Sorachi Ace, a hop variety of Japanese origin! These hops impart a fresh, exotic and slightly fruity note of lime, lemon and dill. You might even discern a slight hint of mint.

Axel Daeseleire (Tripel Hop 2013 – Sorachi Ace):
Once you let go of the classic Duvel flavor and taste Sorachi Ace you find yourself on a flavor adventure with a very exotic end destination.

Axel Daeseleire

Mosaic is a one of a kind hop variety as a result of the unique combination of strong aromas and its bittering value. The fruity aroma of blueberries, citrus and other fruit (papaya and apple blossom) adds a complex yet fresh note to Duvel Tripel Hop beer. Perfect for a toast in the spring sun.

Jean-Philippe Watteyne (Tripel Hop 2014 – Mosaic):
The 2014 Duvel Tripel Hop is made up of a mosaic of flavors. The crisp citrus alternates with subtle hints of blackcurrant. This diversity suits my philosophy of experimentation to a tee.

Jean-Philippe Watteyne

Until April 2014, this experimental hop variety went by the name of HBC 366. Its current name refers to the hops’ physical characteristics: vibrant yellow as the plant bursts out of the soil and deep green as it matures. The aroma is fruity, with a combination of lemon, lime, papaya and apple. The light note of green pepper gives some extra punch.

Sofie Vanrafelghem (Tripel Hop 2015 – Equinox):
The Equinox hop created the spiciest Duvel Tripel Hop ever, with notes of pink and black pepper. The complex flavors come together in a robust, bitter beer with a strong personality.

Sofie Vanrafelghem

This year, Duvel has chosen a radically different, bold and innovative approach: we selected a very experimental hop variety, which currently is only known as HBC291. These hops combine the fiery taste of black pepper with the milder aromas of roses and lavender and a light citrusy note. Anyone up for this challenge?

Sepideh Sedaghatnia (Tripel Hop 2016, HBC 291):
The HBC 291 is consistent with a philosophy of experimentation. The hop strikes a perfect balance between fresh and bitter. This reminds me of spring, of the season of hop shoots.

Sepideh Sedaghatnia

Take the taste test

A Duvel Tripel Hop is at its best when you drink it in perfect conditions. Buy a Tripel Hop six-pack and chill them to a temperature of about 5°C. Slowly pour every blend in a clean, dry Duvel glass at room temperature. Taste the beer, enjoy it and compare it with the others.

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Buy your Tripel Hop six-pack

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Taste all six blends

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Choose your top 3

Choose your top 3

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Frequently asked questions

Until when can we vote?

You can vote from 21 March 2016 until 12 June 2016. We will then announce the winning Duvel Tripel Hop.

Can I cast several votes?

We understand that you are madly enthusiastic about this unique beer. But fair is fair: one e-mail address, one vote.

When will the winning Duvel Tripel Hop be available in supermarkets?

As of spring 2017, Duvel Tripel Hop will be permanently available in supermarkets and from drinks suppliers.

Why do we have to wait until 2017 for the winning Duvel Tripel Hop?

Brewing a Duvel takes quite a lot of preparation, expertise and above all patience. It takes at least 90 days to brew a Duvel Tripel Hop and guarantee that its delicate flavor is preserved. The beer may only leave the brewery after being carefully checked by our brew masters.